A bucket of electricity! (English)

Ten thousand days ago.

Crapa Pelatino, the little Crapa Pelada … is an innocent boy of eight, nine years.
He is playing, alone. In the backyard.
His parents suddenly come out of the house. They are arguing, practically screaming about the electricity issue.
It is the problem of the day. Public enemy number one. It is gone at noon! At noon o’clock!

While his father is trying to reassure his mother with: “Quiet, calm down, you will see that the electricity will return soon.” came Crapa’s grandfather at the corner of the backyard.

“Hey, are you all right? Are you maybe out of power?”
“Yes” Crapa’s parents answered.
“Well, then try to send Pelatino to get a bucket of electricity at the corner shop. They’re full of it.”

His mother was puzzled but his father, almost giggling, said: “Oh yes, that’s right. Why did I not think of it before? …”
“Oh yes, that’s right. I will take a bucket asap.” said his mother.

Two minutes later, little Crapa was already on the way with his nice bucket in his hands.
He arrived to the corner shop. He entered.

“Hi Palatino, what do you want? Do you need something? Why you have a bucket with you?” the shop owner asked.
“My parents sent me to get a bucket of electricity because in our house is over.”

“Ah … ok, I understand. Then give me the bucket so I’ll fill it for you.”

Little Crapa gave the bucket and after 3 minutes the shop owner reappears with the exact same bucket but this time covered with a rag.
He put it on the floor at Crapa’s feet.
“Here we are Palatino, the bucket is now full of electricity.
I used a rag to cover it and save it from running away. So don’t turn the rag up. Don’t move it … otherwise the electricity will fly away. “

“Yes ok” replied little Crapa. He was surprised, it was the first time that his parents sent him to take electricity.
He would have liked to see it, he was dying of curiosity, but he could not … it was very dangerous. The gentleman said: do not touch the rag.
What would happen if the electricity flew away? Perhaps it will get a huge electroshock to all the people in the world. It was very very dangerous.

He then decided to just take the bucket home.

He lifted it, with difficulty and a lot of effort. It weighed one hundred twenty-three million tons. At least.

Little Crapa had never imagined that electricity was so heavy.

However, he was a responsible and stubborn child. Strong and always on focus.

He made the long way back carrying the bucket with two hands.
Sometimes he stopped to put it on the sidewalk and rest a bit.

He avoided obstacles like old ladies with their little awful dogs and orange men peeking out from the manholes.

He avoided the trucks, parked cars and black cats.

He avoided the slippery road, the slippery sidewalk and the stairs leaning against the walls of the buildings.

In the end he was able to walk, safe and without losing the electricity, all the seventeen meters that distanced the shop from his house.

Mission accomplished.

He arrived home proud and victorious.
He handed the burden to his father. The precious electric current bucket.

“Good boy. You did it. Very good!”
“Yes, very good …” reiterated his grandfather who still was in the backyard “… and maybe, next time, you can get also a bottle of elbow grease. Ahahaha!”

At that moment Crapa pulled away the rag to see what there was in the bucket…

There was just sand. Normal and fucking sand!!



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